Birth Resources


Peach leaves - morning sickness, nerves, and anxiety.

Ginger - nausea related to morning sickness

Peppermint - nausea, gas

Mint antispaamodic

Chammomile - sedative qualities, ease abdominal pain

Catnip - c



bringing in the spirit

Broom grass - used by Houma nation/Creoles as a tonic like red raspberry leaf. 

Yellow dock tonic for iron

Enema helps baby come down

Nettle - blood thinner, reduces swelling bc its a diuretic

Alfalfa is alt.

Chamomile - (plants in daisy family)

Black Haw Bark - stop miscarriage, postpartum care

cotton root - brought on period

Catnip - give during labor ease labor pain

Mayapple root - encourage labor